A local Tasmanian business started by Garry Phillips in order to bring his passion for climbing and the Tasmanian wilderness to a wider audience.

The business is based in Hobart, but operates statewide. It is dedicated to the principles of respectful utilisation and preservation of the unique Tassie environment. This includes adhering to minimal impact principles and providing education on group etiquette and behavior within the Parks visited.

Rock Climbing Adventures Tasmania has been formed in close consultation with Parks and Wildlife Services to ensure a cooperative and inclusive approach to experiencing the wilderness.


Garry Phillips


Is a Tasmanian local, based in Hobart with his family. He has well over 20 years of climbing experience that includes all of the many facets of the sport.

-       An accomplished Sport Climber,  he has competed internationally indoors and worked his way around most of the famous European and North American sport crags. There is little he couldn’t teach about this particular style of climbing.

-     Proficient to a high level with Traditional style and Aid climbing, Garry has worked his way up some of the most remote and challenging climbs around the world. Including successful trips to North America, Europe and New Zealand. 

-       His true love, Alpine Climbing has been cultivated through numerous expeditions to high, cold and dangerous peaks worldwide. From clasics in Europe to New Zealand.

-       His “to do” list  would inspire even the most dedicated armchair climber to rise up and climb…

His guiding skills have been honed over a number of years in both the UK and Australia, recently working locally with school groups and international visitors.


His qualifications include:

-       Multi-pitch Guide (TCIA)

-       Certificate 4 in Outdoor Recreation (Rock Climbing/Abseiling/Bushwalking)

-       Wilderness First Aid

-       Bush barista first class…